Painting & Frame Restoration

Oil Painting Restoration

Oil Painting Restoration

We can offer all aspects of painting conservation and fine art restoration, from condition checking to reconstructing missing areas of paintings. We can also offer a full antique frame restoration service from cleaning gilt frames to repairing damage to decorative swept frames and full re-gilding.

Please note that works on paper are most appropriately treated by a specialist paper conservator. Paper conservators can be recommended if this is required please contact us for more information.



Oil Painting Cleaning

Oil Painting Restoration

Oil Painting Restoration

The removing of yellowing varnish, grime & dirt, nicotine staining and mould growth from an oil painting. This work requires the greatest care and skill if the painting is not to be overcleaned. We are able to repair paintings that have been overcleaned by a past restorer or an over zealous owner.

We always test a small area to see if the painting will clean and then carefully work through the varous layers of dust & grime, nicotine staining and layers of yellowed varnish.



Structural damage / Canvas re-lining

Where a painting has been damaged, either through a rip or a tear, we can offer a variety of solutions. We always follow minimum intervention where possible and will discuss all options available.

Relining using conservation BEVA adhesive

Wax relining on a vacuum table

Resin and canvas patching of oil paintings

Strip lining for frayed and damaged edges



Frame Restoration

We also offer a full cleaning and frame restoration service. We can repair damage to antique frames by making composite mouldings and clean tarnished gilt frames. Where necessary, we can re-gild complete frames or just a small section.

Keeping the original frame to a painting greatly increases its value and we would always recommend trying to salvage the most unfortunate looking frames.

We follow the ethical restoration standards of minimal intervention and reversibility. We only retouch the painting where paint is missing or badly worn. Retouching is time consuming and painstaking work. Only a small amount of the painting is worked and the colours and original brushstrokes have to be perfectly matched.

Anything that we apply to the painting can be safely removed by future restorers if required.

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