Framing Service

We offer the choice of factory finish or hand finish frames. We source our frame profiles from various suppliers, so we are sure we can find a suitable frame for your art work.

The hand finished frames are produced using only the best high pigment paints to not only compliment the art work but to enhance its appearance and framing its beauty and charm. ​​
We spend time with the client, artist or gallery owner, getting to know their work, before exploring framing options and the required finish. At each stage of the process, we work closely with the client in order to achieve a frame that they are immensely pleased with. ​
We frame one-off individual pieces, as well as framing for whole exhibitions. ​​
We have framed for local galleries in and around the Macclesfield area in Cheshire and have created signature frames for the work they own and sell.​
We also offer a reframing service for those customers who wish to have their art collection framed in a consistent manner; reflecting their own personality through their art.

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